About Ez Title Search

Founded on June 1, 1999, Ez Title Search is a company that is dedicated to helping consumers make an educated decision before or after the purchase of a vehicle. Our goal is to provide excellent service to each and every customer in our projected market: the Territories and States of the United State of America.

Ez Title Search provides Electronic Vehicle History Reports.

Our database has over 1.5 billion vehicle records and more are added each month. These records consist of odometer readings from the Department of Motor Vehicles, Police Reports, Major Insurance Companies, and Auction Houses. If you would like more information about Ez Title Search or would like to contact us please e-mail [email protected]

Powered by Experian

Ez Title Search vehicle history reports are powered by Experian's AutoCheck. AutoCheck is Experian's leading vehicle history reporting service and an indispensable part of the used car shopping process. AutoCheck reports include the industry's first and only vehicle history score, empowering consumers with the confidence and information they need to more easily and quickly understand what a vehicle history report really says about a specific used vehicle's history.

If You Don't Have A VIN Number

Unlimited AutoCheck Reports Only $44.99
When you are not sure what you want, check the VIN of unlimited number of cars with AutoCheck vehicle history reports.

Single Report Only $24.99
If you know it's your dream car, get an AutoCheck Single vehicle history report and buy with confidence.

Unlimited Reports & Title Guard Only $59.99
Get TitleGuard -- the ultimate protection against title problems for as long as you own the car. Comes with unlimited vehicle history reports for 60 days.

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