Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. When will I receive my Vehicle History Report?

A. Your Vehicle History Report will appear on-screen just seconds after verifying your payment information. We recommend that you print out the report immediately as it will not be available again once you leave that page.

Q. Why should we run a Vehicle History Report?

A. A consumer needs to always be on their guard when buying a high-ticket item. A vehicle is a big investment in today's market. The more knowledge you have about a product, the better decision you can make in life.

Q. What does a vehicle history report contain?

A. A history report verifies the specifications of the VIN number with the vehicle. The Vehicle History Report should also give you DMV reports of odometer readings for each time the vehicle has changed owners or has moved to a new state. It will also identify odometer rollbacks, accidents, theft, auction houses, fleet rentals, Lemon Laws, and many more reasons to check out the vehicle you want to drive.

Q. If I already own the vehicle and receive an unsatisfactory report, what can I do about it?

A. Laws are different from state to state. Also it depends on how you bought the vehicle, AS IS or from an individual. Did you ask about the vehicle when you bought it? Newer vehicles are still under warranty through the manufacturer. If in doubt please check with your local DMV or County Clerk's Office for the laws in your state.

Q. How accurate is a Vehicle History Report?

A. Nothing is 100% Guaranteed. It all depends on each state recording records and inputting into the database accurately. There is always the possibility of human error and there are the small accidents not reported.

Q. Why can only vehicles from 1981 and later available for research?

A. VIN numbers where standardized in 1981. This made it easier to input into the database and information process. A VIN number has 17 alphanumeric characters but contains no Q, I, or O.

If you have a question about a Vehicle History Report please e-mail [email protected]

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